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March 24, 2013
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(Canada x Reader)
Unseen but Not Unloved - Chapter 1

(A/N: In this story, Reader-Chan has a hair curl. It's only mention once or twice, but it's there. It's not any specific curl, just which ever one you'd like! ^^ )

Today was the day. Today would be your first world meeting! To be honest, you were nervous- trembling even. Sure, you had been introduced to most of the countries and got to know them a little bit, but the fact of having to be around them all at once made you doubt yourself. Fiddling with your fingers, you looked to your feet as you walked down the halls on the UN building, your curl bouncing as you walked. Proudly walking next to you was Alfred F. Jones, better known as America.

"Dude, you need to chill!" The American laughed as he saw your recluse-like posture. "It's really not that hard, besides, I bet you won't even have to give a speech, this being your first meeting and all," Alfred smiled when your eyes [e/c] widened.

"I- I might have to give a speech?!" You looked to the blonde with a shocked and slightly scared look written across your [s/c] face. "But I haven't written anything down-! I wouldn't know what to say! God, what if I do have to give a speech and I look like a a total idiot stumbling over my words! W-what if I have to give a speech, stand up, and get so nervous that I spew my breakfast all over the conference table-!?" You rambled but were suddenly cut off by the hero himself.

"[Country Name], calm the hell down. If you do have to give a speech, which I doubt you'll have to, you'll be just fine! Just relax and talk, you pretty good at it." Alfred smirked as you pouted with a scowl. You had a bad habit of rambling when you got nervous...

Before you knew it, you were standing in front of a large door with a golden plate next to it on the wall. The plate read, 'Hetalia United Nations Conference Room.'

Ok, deep breaths. Don't panic, you got this. You're a pro, just be yourself. Don't. Panic. You thought to yourself.

Alfred gripped the handle to the door, looked back to you and smiled. "You ready, dude?"

You stood tall, you puffed your chest out, had your shoulders back, and smiled confidently. "Hell yeah~" You answered proudly, causing the patriotic country to smile wider.

Oh yeah, I got this. You thought, completely forgetting whatever fear you just had.

America opened the door to reveal almost total chaos. Countries were at each others throats, there was yelling, crumpled up papers flying across the room, and... one person, sitting quietly towards the back of it all. He had sandy blonde hair that had a long curl sticking out from the middle of it. He had the most gorgeous eyes that had an almost hypnotic blueish purple hue to them. The smallest smile graced his pale face, and he simply sat there. In the middle of all this commotion, he was completely calm. He didn't pay mind to anyone, and no one paid mind to him. To keep things short, he was beautiful.

Who's that? You thought with an eyebrow raised. "I don't know, but I wanna..." You mumbled to yourself.

You caught his eye, and when his sparkling gaze met yours, something clicked. Something felt right. Giving him a small smile, you waved and looked to Alfred, when you realized he was talking to you. Leaving the the purple eyed man with a shocked look on his face.

S-she saw me. He thought to himself with a blush.
Just to get this out of the way... This will NOT have a lemon in it, nor will it end with a lemon. So please don't ask. Thank you~


Ok, I'm going to attempt to write a chapter story! :'D Little not-so-fun fact: I have never finished writing a chapter story. But dammit, this will be the one to break that habit! C':

I guess I don't really have anything to say about this story? Oh well. What do you guys think, should I continue? o:


The art does not belong to me! I found it off of google. If you know whose pic this is, or if it's your pic, let me know and I will give you credit! :3

Hetalia Characters (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

(P.s. I'm sorry if this seems short! This was a spur of the moment idea at 4 in the morning! ;u; )
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Wow! This is so cute!!! BTW could you help me with a country name for my character? I'm writing a story but can't think of a country for my character! Her name is Evie Hills and I keep thinking Kentucky but it just doesn't suit her! Thx!! :heart:
ArthurxKiku Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
Can someone give me an idea of a country name? I writing a fanfic during class but I don't know what my country is called... Thanks
( P.S Her human name is Alice Kirkland )
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England? XD I'm not sure but I always use Bermuda for The Bermuda Triangle.
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K. Thx dude. But it wasn't England, her name was ALICE Kirkland, not ARTHUR Kirkland. (Or were you mentioning MY name? It's so confusing! )
Bbg100 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013
I know it's not arthur XD I'm just saying it looks like the name of some genderbent arthur, though I forgot what that actually is. Isn't it Elizabeth?
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