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The Best Story Of My Life ~Fluff~
(Germany x Reader)

Rain drops pounded against the window pane making a rhythmic gentle tapping sound. An occasional flash of light would illuminate the dark room followed by a crash of thunder, causing you to jump each time. Opening your tired eyes, you watched a quick white light shoot through the room and you braced for the thunder. A loud clap of thunder finally came and you jumped... again.

Sighing, you rolled over in your tangled bed sheets and sat up. Yellow light crept in from under your closed bedroom door and you smiled softly. It was most definitely Ludwig, probably reading another book. It was a usual occurrence for you to be in bed before Ludwig, considering that you were normally a very tired person and loved sleep. Tossing your legs over the edge of the bed, you rested your feet on the soft, plush carpet.

You gathered up your fluffy [f/c] blanket and wrapped it around your cold body. Walking lazily to the door, you opened it carefully and looked down the hall. The light was coming from the living room and you smiled at the thought of your German lover sitting in his chair with his glasses, sweat pants, white t-shirt, un-slicked hair, and a good book. Stumbling down the hall, you peeked around the door way and giggled at the sight. It was just as you thought, there was Ludwig, with his glasses, a book, and in his night clothes.

Hearing you giggle, Ludwig's sky-colored eyes looked up to you and he rose a blonde eyebrow. "Schatz, vhat are you doing up?" He questioned as he marked his spot in his book.

Smiling, you took a few steps before jumping about a foot in the air as yet another roar of thunder split through the air.

"Is zhe storm keeping you up, ziege?*" He chuckled and shifted in his chair.

You gave him a playful glare ad nodded twice, "Did you just call me 'little goat?'" Walking up to him you punched him softly on the shoulder.

"Maybe~" He gave you one of his rare smirks as you pouted. "Come here, liebling." He shifted his book to one hand and patted his lap.

Laughing softly you sat carefully on his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. Sighing, you smiled and snuggled closely to his chest, then felt a pair soft, warm of lips on your cheek. Humming, you leaned into his kiss and giggled. Ludwig grabbed your [f/c] blanket and draped it over you, he shifted slightly before returning to his book.

You sat there a few minutes, enjoying the German's warmth, until you grew restless. Peering up at the blonde through your eyelashes, you raised a hand and began to play with the edge of his reading glasses. He grumbled a few times before sighing and giving you a look.

"Vhat are you doing, [Name]?" He said in a monotone voice as he fixed his glasses.

"Is that a good book?" You ignored his question and fiddled with the collar of his shirt.

He sighed heavily and rubbed a hand down his face, "Uh, ja. It's ok, I guess." He flipped through a few pages and scratched the back of his head.

You sat there a few more seconds, "What's the best story you've ever read, Ludwig?" You asked another question as you shifted in his lap so you were facing him.

"Hm..." Ludwig thought for a moment and rubbed his chin, "Vell, it vasn't a story I read... More like a story I lived." He smiled and set his book down on the small coffee table next to the chair you two were sitting in.

You raised a [h/c] eyebrow to him and gave him a confused look, "Oh... and what's that?"

He smiled warmly and kissed your jaw repeatedly, "Our story. Zhe best story of mein life," He murmured and continued to kiss your jaw and neck.

You purred lightly as you enjoyed his kisses, rolling your eyes, you tried to contain a laugh. "Oh my god-" You mumbled.

The blonde stopped kissing you, "Vhat-?" He asked as he nuzzled your cheek.

"Oh... my god." You chuckled and ran your fingers through his hair.

"Vhat?" Ludwig leaned away from you and furrowed his eyebrows.

"That was probably the cheesiest thing I've ever heard from you- from anyone!" You now laughed almost uncontrollably, you couldn't believe that Ludwig the rough and tough German that normally kept his emotions to himself had just said that to you.

Ludwig blushed and looked away in embarrassment, "S-stop laughing-! You know I'm not a good romantic."

Giggling, you cupped his cheek and gave him an eskimo kiss*, "I know, I know... But that's ok. It's one of the reason's I love you~" You smiled and gave him a loving kiss on the lips.

The German sighed inaudibly and kissed you back, tucking a [h/l] [h/c] strand of soft hair behind your ear. He broke the kiss and picked you up bridal style, flicking the small lamp off, then walking down the hall towards your room. He kissed you again and kept his half lidded icy gaze locked on your tired [e/c] one as he bumped the bedroom door open with his foot.

Sighing contently, you released his lips as he laid you down on the bed and tucked you in. He walked to his side of the bed and took his night shirt off, before climbing in next to you. A small happy smile graced your pink lips as you shuffled closer to him and cuddled to his bare chest.

Ludwig smiled softly and kissed the top of your head, "Ich liebe dich, mein ziege*," He chuckled as you grumbled quietly.

"Quit calling me 'little goat,'" You said tiredly as you turned over, facing your back to Ludwig.

You soon felt two strong arms wrap around you waist and Ludwig's chest against your back. He nuzzled his nose into the crook of your neck, "Nein~" He whispered against your neck.

Rolling your eyes, you sighed heavily. "I love you too, Luddy~"  You smirked in the dark.

There was silence for a few moments before the blonde growled, "Don't call me zhat..." He mumbled.

"Nein." You said playfully as you mocked his accent.
Bluh bluh bluh! See! Fluff~ Not angst! :D I felt the need to write something happy instead of angsty! :3

~Translation brought to you by Google Translate and my mom!~

Schatz: Treasure
Ziege (Pronounced See-GUH): Little Goat
Liebling: Love
Ja: Yes
Mein: My
Ich Liebe Dich, Mein Ziege: I Love You, My Little Goat

~If there is any problems with the translation, please let me know! :3~

Hetalia/Germany belongs to Hima-papa

Story belongs to me :3

~Thanks for reading! Comments are greatly appreciated!~
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It's pretty legit since I'm a Capricorn xD
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Tbh, if Ludwig called me a little goat, then he didn't like being called Luddy, I would only bleat as one as a response.
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birgitalydia Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Whats the relationship between Germany and the reader? Is it husband and wife of date relationship?
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I made a Hetaliaxreader.... But this is WAY FLUFFIER THAN MINE WILL EVER BE!!!!!! CX
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Simply one of the best FanFics out there! So cute! Germany is amazing!
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